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Golden pine trees are exceedingly rare but exist throughout the world.  As the name suggests, the needles of these beautiful “evergreens” are actually golden yellow, made so by a mutation which causes the tree to lose much of its chlorophyll.  The existence of golden pines is a bit of a mystery.  Although a golden branch may sometimes appear on an otherwise normal evergreen, it is extremely difficult for an entire tree to experience this mutation and survive.  Therefore, golden pines require a near perfect environment and climate to grow and thrive.

Biotechnology companies, as well, require a near perfect business environment in order to thrive commercially.  Golden Pine Ventures provides such an environment, enabling promising development-stage inventions to become stand-alone businesses.  Golden Pine Ventures focuses its efforts on the earliest stage of technology development – on those opportunities which have the greatest growth potential, and consequently, those which need the most care.