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Consulting & Advisory Services

Golden Pine Ventures has much to offer existing biotechnology companies, in the way of the business experience and expertise of its management and directors.  Therefore, Golden Pine leverages its network and relationships in the industry through consulting and advising services to biotechnology and high technology companies.

Business Development

Collaborations and partnerships are critical for emerging life science companies.  Corporate partnerships validate the technology of the company and inject much needed capital and scientific resources.  Golden Pine Ventures assists clients in sourcing, negotiating, and closing partnerships that involve collaborative research, financial support, upfront technology access payments, licenses, milestones, royalties, equity investments, options, and other complex contractual structures.  Golden Pine initiates contact with potential partners, works with client scientists to scope projects, negotiates contracts and coordinates with internal or external legal counsel to ensure timely contract execution. Golden Pine has substantial expertise in business development efforts, and its principals have negotiated to completion dozens of revenue-generating collaborations with combined deal values exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars.

Partnering & Licensing

Often a biotechnology company’s business plan requires the acquisition of assets (in-licensing), or the divestiture or sale of assets (out-licensing).  These assets may be research technologies, drug candidates, diagnostics, intellectual property, or other rights.  Golden Pine Ventures identifies and evaluates life sciences assets that fulfill a client’s in-licensing needs, and assists clients in negotiating and contracting for acquisition of those assets.  Similarly, Golden Pine reviews assets for out-licensing, and will promote those assets and assist in negotiating and contracting to complete the out-license transaction.  Principals of Golden Pine have substantial experience in licensing and developing partnerships, and have successfully led negotiations for hundreds of deals, the vast majority of these licenses, options, and research agreements.

Strategic Planning and Fundraising

Starting a biotechnology company is a tremendous undertaking.  The development of a strategic plan is an important business practice, and certainly a prerequisite for venture capital financing.  Golden Pine Ventures works with entrepreneurs and start-up companies to understand the marketability of their technology and to help the company structure a viable business strategy.  Golden Pine assists

biotechnology executives in creating the strategy and tactics that address technology, management, commercialization, competition and finances.  Finally, Golden Pine assists biotechnology executives in making contacts and raising needed financing from venture capitalists and private placement institutions.  Golden Pine has significant experience in strategic planning and fundraising, and has extensive expertise with development-stage biotechnology and medical device companies, including overseeing strategic planning efforts and helping to secure initial financing for dozens of start-up ventures.