Selected Portfolio Companies

Golden Pine Ventures has founded and launched several biotechnology and biomedical companies, including:

Arcato Laboratories, Inc.
Arcato Laboratories, Inc., is focused on developing products for oral health specialties, such as orthodontics and oral surgery. Based on exclusively licensed patented technology, Arcato's first product is a novel device/drug combination to treat discomfort caused by orthodontic appliances.

Kylin Therapeutics, Inc.
Kylin Therapeutics, a cutting-edge biotechnology company, employs a revolutionary RNA nanoparticle technology platform called “pRNA” to exploit the enormous potential of RNA interference (RNAi) for treatment of many common diseases.  The visionary platform has enormous potential to meet the huge market opportunity for treating cancer and other diseases with RNA-based therapeutics.  The unique capabilities of the platform have enabled Kylin to overcome the most significant challenges in the development of RNA-based therapies.

Kylin Therapeutics was acquired in 2012.

Pique Therapeutics, Inc.
Pique Therapeutics is a biotechnology company seeking to become the leader in therapeutic vaccines, focused initially on the treatment of cancer.  Pique’s lead product is a first-in-class therapeutic vaccine for non-small cell lung cancer in Phase 2 clinical trials. Pique is also utilizing its novel therapeutic vaccine technology in additional areas of oncology, with products in pre-clinical stage for pancreatic, colorectal, and head and neck cancers.