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Golden Pine Ventures emulates a model pioneered by Founder’s Fund, LLC, a venture capital group specializing in the life science industries.  Founder’s Fund began operations in the early 1990’s with a strategy to start new biotechnology and biomedical companies by forming partnerships with scientific founders.  While the scientific founders focused on the science, the Founder’s Fund partners focused on the business:  managing the company’s operations and finances, developing the business strategy, recruiting talented executives and advisors and raising follow-on financing.  This “marriage” of business and science was very successful.  Three portfolio companies of Founder’s Fund went on to successful public offerings and have become familiar names to those in the biotechnology and medical device industries:  Myriad Genetics, Rosetta Inpharmatics and Sonic Innovations.  Founder’s Fund portfolio companies have raised well over one billion dollars in collective financing. 

Peter Meldrum was instrumental in establishing Founder’s Fund and managing its successful growth, and brought his significant experience to bear in the founding and operations of Golden Pine Ventures.