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Investment Approach

Golden Pine Ventures seeks out biotechnology and biomedical opportunities which have the potential to yield a substantial return within a three to five-year period.  Golden Pine Ventures partners with founding scientists, seeking an equal equity ownership position in new companies.  Golden Pine Ventures focuses on opportunities in the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina, as well as other select locations in the Southeast. 

In evaluating investment opportunities the management of Golden Pine Ventures considers the following criteria:

  1. Technical Feasibility.  The technical merit of the project must be validated by the management and advisors of Golden Pine Ventures, assisted where appropriate by consultants who are experts in the field.  Golden Pine does not invest in pre-proof-of-concept technologies.
  1. Favorable Market Prospects.  The market in which the technology competes must have significant unmet medical needs, favorable growth prospects, and attractive gross margins, and the company must be well positioned to enter the marketplace quickly and compete effectively.  Golden Pine does not invest in niche markets.
  1. Multiple Unique Products or Services.  The technology must be capable of generating multiple product opportunities and must be sufficiently unique and competitive enough to give the company a significant market advantage.  Golden Pine does not invest in one-product companies.
  1. Strong Intellectual Property.  The patent protection and proprietary position of the technology must be robust and validated by management and advisors of Golden Pine Ventures.  Golden Pine does not invest in technologies lacking patent protection.
  1. Scientific Champion.  The founding scientist must be a passionate and willing partner in the endeavor to establish and build a company around the technology.  Golden Pine expects active participation from scientific founders.

Once a portfolio company is formed, Golden Pine Ventures plays a vital role in its development by: